25 Juni, 2010

He is my boy,,, ^_~


It has been long time I haven’t wrote any blog ya??? There are lots of things happen to me…

Well now im at Hotel, which has no hand soap at bath room,, dude come on,,,u pretty expensive hotel…do cant give hand soap??? Owh man,,,

Well here is the thing,,, sooo I just fall in love (not falling in love), cuz if I fall in love I just cant help… that what my friend said… I still don’t get it what it means but yeah whateva. So yeah that’s me,,, his name is,,,ok initial “BNH” I call him duddy,,, my hot boyfriend,,, dating? I don’t when we were start dating and are we officially couple?? I don’t know too I just know that is my HOT AND CUTE RICH AMERICAN BOYFRIEND and we are getting married… I don’t know who is he,,, I just know that he belongs to me and I love him the way he is… he is gorgeous and awesome… we awesome actually,,,

I really enjoy my time with him and I know it’s silly, I always waiting him to have a chat even just say hi… oo man he got me startruck and he distracts me from my work but I kinda like it and makes me want to finish my work as quick as I can be and focus to him,,, He cares of me… when I had problem with some people or even I got hurt he tried to make me feel better and it worked,,, guys there are some much thing I want to say about him but I just ran out of word to say,,, I just can say… I LOVE YOU MY DUDDY AND THANKS FOR BEING APART OF MY LIFE… I’m so glad I found you and loved be around you… you make my life just more fun and colorful and fabulous and fantastic and awesome,,, there’s 1 thing.. 2 do… 3 words… 4 youuu… I LOVE YOU,,,

he is my special boy




Ps: thanks Jesus for sending me your angel to me… I hope he is the one,,,