16 Mei, 2011

be glad for what you've got,,


ok this is quite random,, seriuosly i dont know what im going to talk about but yeah there is something i have to tell you,, ha666 it means yeah i have something to tell you,,
last two weeks i just turned to 22, nothing that really special for that day,, i blew my candle and yeah officialy im 22 and what did i get for my bday,, not much,,i might not hoping for blast magical awesome party like poeple have or asking for many present to make me happy ,, but look what i've got so far,,

1. dad gave me soap and wet tissue -> its weird eh but do u know that he got from german,, i think im not gonna use it,, the smell sooo way good,, yeah im gonna keep it,,

2. i bought an inter jersey with Princess 666 printed in it awesome and my friend got me another one.

3. and yeah it freakin suprise that imma be The Beatles fan of the week by uploading my Beatles collection ahayyyy thx "I Love The Beatles" for making my week awesome

Awesome >_<

4. big The Beatles poster with 2/3 of my height,, bring it baby x) freakin awesome .. can believe i would have that x)

My big poster :)

5. The Beatles broche from The Facebeat lead singer when i went to The Beatles night at hardrock!! can believe that mas wisnu would give me that lil plat,, its honor for me to get that blinkblink booo yaaahhh baby,,

The Beatles plat

sooo thats all i've got x) not much but i do glad for everything that people gave me besides God gives me everything that i wanted,, He is my all,,