18 Oktober, 2011

Forever You

Forever You

Why do I need a rainbow if I can find in your eyes?

People said great thing happens in a blink of an eye,

I don’t even need a blink of eye if I got you

Why do I need sea breeze if I can feel it every time you say my name?

People said love will find you if you try,

but I don’t even need a try if I got you

Times goes by, little time but so much to do

or should I say to the time runner,

please sit back, relax and no need to rush

cause life is too beautiful to be missed

Since I found you I had my joy, my new hope

You've show me the love I never knew

Now who needs a dream when there is you

I believe my destiny is you

Forever true... I’m so in love with you

My tribute to Linda McCartney