01 November, 2011

Mr. Harrison??

To: Mr. George Harrison

Hey Mr. Harrison, how are you? I’ve been thinking about lately and I don’t know why. Well, my life can be so random sometimes; please don’t laugh because it is true. Just like your friend, Mr. Lennon said, “Life is happen when you are busy making plan” I guess he is totally right. There were lots of things running in my mind since few days ago, my pre-thesis exam, my nephew Eugene who just had his surgery done last Wednesday but unfortunately he had to go back to hospital because he got weak and also I have to finish my stories that I started when I was in Perth. I keep writing and writing but then that story became a long story you know, it supposed to be a short story so yeah I have to split them, another work here we go again!!!

Yesterday when I was on my way to my dad’s clinic, suddenly I wanna write another lyric but then words just won’t came out from my mind. I don’t know where to start and I don’t know how to do it. Actually, I really adore the way you write music, you know when I played The Beatles Rock Band with my friend. I just realized what you sing in “If I needed someone” you said “Call your number on my wall and may be you will get a call from me, if I needed someone”. Then I said to my friend, “Dude did you hear what I hear?”

“I heard that too. Its kinda mean but that is so George!” he said.

“Yeah right, he always amazes me with his song like in “While my guitar gently weeps”. You know, floor needs sweeping... and guitar still gently weeps... seriously? Do you think that floor has something to do with guitar?? I just don’t get it!” I said to him.

“You don’t have to as long as you can enjoy that song anyway!” he said.

“Ah yeah you are right dude!”

And that day, I looked up all my lyrics and poems I have made since I was in junior high also the book of poem hoping I will get inspiration but it was just useless thing to do. Then I plug my earphone to my Ipod and played Ringo’s songs. The first song was “photograph”, song that you and Ringo made together. Well, that was a really good song to be played. How could you make a simple song with a deep feeling?? I was daydreaming after that then a lovely voice whispered to me,

“You can’t do wrong when you make a song. It doesn’t matter how short or long, as long we can sing along then why not?”

Was it you, Mr. Harrison???

Your guitar

They say love ain’t walk in the park

but I guess they all wrong

Like when I saw you

with your guitar gently weep

I got a funny feeling

a unique feeling telling me

Im falling, yes falling with you

with your guitar you make love grows in a garden

You said your heart as the beat, oohh

boy, did you just tell me

that you love me too

like a song you made for me

I got a funny feeling

a unique feeling telling me

Im falling, yes falling with you

with your guitar you make love grows in a garden

Baby, you know i believe in words “once upon a time”

But I don’t want a happy ending because my true love is never end.

my tribute to George Harrison the wonderful man