15 April, 2012

Started it Good...


THANKS GOOD Monday 9th of April was my first day of school,, omg omg I loved it x) made me miss JSR and the sweetest things I ever had is one of my best friend sent me a nice morning message to support me cuz the night before I had a horrible night and another one is my bestie took me to have an ice cream cuz I signed a contract soo yeahh I cried like hell (not really, make it dramatic!!) I had emzz not really good sleep but I woke up in the early morning which is good. And went off to school, I miss waking up in the morning and feel the morning air wooooohoooo and see the sunrise. EPIC MORNING… (Playing Here comes the sun J )

Then I went to my former school to pick the form for Bali Marathon and yeah they lost them (well they said that they didn’t get the letter and the forms I was like, dafuq!!! Uuuggghh people pleaseee but yeah today I will get then tho . The thing is I don’t know why I love to hang around with the naughty one than the nice one. I love naughty kid, they are so adorable, trust me, if you know what I mean.

So they are still in unit Government and few days ago we learnt about the children right and there are 54 articles and one of the articles is – children should not be kidnapped and one of the boys said, “yeah obviously!!” and all the kids were laughing. And there something silly happened also at the music class, there were 2 boys didn’t bring their music instrument and the teacher said that she will phone their parents and one of the boys said, “Can you just email them?”. Dude it’s just same thing.. Duh!!!

Haaaa so yeah I love my kids J